Electro galvanized chicken cage


A type galvanized chicken is the best  type of poultry cage to use for any poultry farmer, battery chicken cage can save more land, reducing construction cost



Electro galvanized battery cage is a three-tier laying battery developed by Big Dutchman and characterised by a long service life, high functionality and perfect conditions for humans and birds.


  • tropicalised thanks to a high-quality zinc aluminium coating of the entire system: three to four times better corrosion protection than galvanized wire;
  • open design: no barriers between the tiers so air can circulate without obstructions;
  • entire cage front is easily opened thanks to a sliding grid: moving birds in and out is easy;
  • deep trough with inward rim: minimum feed losses;
  • step-access feed trough: ideal for monitoring;
  • bottom wire grille placed on wire brackets: very stable and at the same time highly flexible, ensuring good egg quality;
  • height-adjustable feet for a perfect longitudinal alignment of the system.


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